Green burial: what it is, and why it faces challenges in Vermont

Here is a 10 minute piece about green burial in Vermont I had the good fortune to be featured in. I hope you find it informative. I had a lot of fun being “outstanding in my field” : Green Burials In Vermont?

Many thanks to Hoss Wuerslin of Greater Northshire Access Television for the opportunity to do an in-depth piece about green burial, why it wasn’t a viable option until June, 2017, and what obstacles need to be overcome before there are green cemeteries in Vermont (mainly that most cemetery by-laws require the use of vaults and their is confusion about the difference between burial at 3.5 versus 5 feet).

Also many, many thanks to the co-founders at Green Burial Vermont- Carl Anderson, Jeri Helen Belisle, Jim Holman, Kerstin Lipke, Diane Raza, Ron Slabaugh, and Jennifer Whitman. Without you guys, there would be no Green Burial Vermont!

(If there is a transcript available I’ll post it here in an update. For now, if you want to read more about the unique path of green burials in Vermont you can check out this post: Three and a Half Feet Under: Cemeteries Are Wary of Green Burials By Terri Hallenbeck @terrivt )


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