Green Burial Vermont comes online, and the story of Jack

This is a story I want to write more about- how a man with terminal cancer came to me with the hopes I could find a cemetery willing to give him a green burial, now that the new laws were in place. How we failed is all here in this Burlington Free Press story

But there are some details missing. Such a cemetery that was willing, but not at a cost Jack could afford. About how the only way to bring the cost down was to put all the burden of funeral planning- from body preparation, to transportation, to grave opening and closing- back onto Jack and his family. And how asking a terminally ill man to expend that kind of energy is unfair. I am a huge advocate for caring for your own dead, but only if it’s a ritual that calls to you.

Jack, and his courage to contact the press to tell his story, will undoubtedly push the creation of green burial grounds along here in Vermont. But in being a pioneer, he is likely to have to be satisfied with knowing he sped the process up for those who follow. His chances of having a green burial are slim.

With Jack’s story going to press my co-founders and I decided we could no longer wait to get Green Burial Vermont up online. Thanks to hard work from my colleagues we’re live and running and a Facebook, Twitter, and Blog will soon follow. Green Burial Vermont has tasked itself with being a resource for cemeteries, communities, and individuals interested in the creation of environmentally and socially responsible burial practices in Vermont.

We hope that Jack’s legacy is one that means green burial is an option accessible to all Vermonters.

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