Dear Little: “Do Living Things Breathe and Blink?” — from “Letters To Little”

Hey, Little. Last week was a week of death, dying, coping, and learning for you. It was a rough week and you handled it like a champ. Better than most adults. It started with the bird. Captain and I found a small bird, sparrow, that was suffering from HBC (hit by car) related injuries in […]

via Dear Little: “Do Living Things Breathe and Blink?” — Letters To Little

“Letters to Little” is a parenting/life blog written by my dog’s favorite human (she’s one one of mine too).  This post so perfectly captures how to let a young child engage with death that I should had to share it here.

The idea of letting your child take the lead when the encounter death can run against every parental instinct to shield and protect something from so sad an so finite. But it is also so inevitable. We can not make a world for our children where death does not exist. But we can give them courage to explore this world of our in their own way. In doing so they let us know what they need- space to cry, extra cuddles, honest (age appropriate) answers- this is something we can give children and in doing so we give them the gift of knowing that they are resilient, and let them build the first tools they will use when the experience grief over and over again.

Thanks to M3 and Little for letting me share their story here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about great books to introduce kids to death I keep a running list on my Goodreads, but this story in particular reminds me of ” The Dead Bird” by Margaret Wise Brown (author of Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny).

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